Designing, Building, and Connecting My Own Wind Turbine
Field Notes from Irricana, Alberta, Canada
by Steven Fahey

February, 2010

More diaries.
Re-connected the old VAWT stuff to this set of pages - just a blast from the past (it's not very useful information)... Except the conclusion that I was wasting my time, of course.

November, 2009.

Since starting the website project, I have added slowly to it for several months. It still isn't done (obviously).

If you go back to the Home Page, you can look at other things I have completed.

Some changes that are important to note since making the site available is that I have added some diary entries. I hope to add more when there is news to report. While fleshing out the info about motor conversions and wooden blades, I've removed numerous things. If you are trying to find something that was here before, but can't find it now, you can always write an e-mail to ask. Earlier this year, I also started plotting numerous facts about other home-built wind turbines in a table. This table is available through links on the web forum. That table has also changed as I have added data. I've found some errors along the way, there, too.